Wikipedia:Bot policy

Bot policy covers the operation of all bots and automated scripts used to provide automation of Wikipedia edits, whether completely automated, higher speed, or simply assisting human editors in their own work. It also covers the work of the Bot Approvals Group (BAG), which supervises and approves all bot-related activity from a technical and quality-control perspective on behalf of the English Wikipedia community. Other languages may have their own bot policies which differ from this one.


  • Bots (short for "robots") generally make automated changes or actions. After launching the bot, an assumption can be made that there is no further need for human decision-making.
  • Assisted or semi-automated editing covers specifically lower-speed tools and scripts that can assist users to make decisions but leave the actual decision up to the user (see Assisted editing guidelines below).
  • Scripts are personalized scripts (typically, but not always, written in JavaScript) that may automate processes, or may merely enhance the existing MediaWiki interface.
  • The Bot Approvals Group (BAG) is a group of users with appropriate technical skills and wiki-experience, whose members are approved by the community to oversee and make decisions on bot activity and on-wiki operation for the community. The Bot Approvals Group also determine the classification as bot or assisted editing, in ambiguous cases. Formal work by MediaWiki developers is outside the scope of this policy.