Second Battle of Athenry

Second Battle of Athenry
Part of the Bruce campaign in Ireland
Date10 August 1316
LocationAthenry, County Galway
ResultLordship victory
Flag of Connacht.svgConnacht
Uí Maine, Magh Luirg
O'Brien Arms.svg Thomond
O'Rourke Arms.svg West Breifne
Lordship of Ireland.png Lordship of Ireland and Irish allies
Commanders and leaders

Fedlim Ó Conchobair†, Tadhg Ó Cellaigh†, Donnchad Ó Briain, Ualgarg Mór Ó Ruairc

Rickard de Bermingham, William Liath de Burgh, Muirchertach Ó Briain
UnknownBelieved to be over 1,100
Casualties and losses
Up to 3,000 killed according to the Regestum of the Dominicans in AthenryThought to be less than the Irish

The Second Battle of Athenry took place at Athenry (Irish: Áth na Ríogh) in Ireland on 10 August 1316 during the Bruce campaign in Ireland.


The collective number of both armies are unknown, and can only be estimated. Martyn believes the royal army to have been as much as or more than a thousand, while that of Athenry was probably several hundred less. The list of deceased participants on the Irish side alone indicates that exceptionally high numbers were involved.