Pakistan Naval Academy

Pakistan Naval Academy Rahbar
Pakistan Naval Academy Logo.jpg
TypeFederal Military Academy
EstablishedDecember 8, 1970
CommandantCdre Adnan Ahmed SI(M)
LocationManora, Karachi, Sindh Province, Pakistan
ColorsBlue & White

The Pakistan Naval Academy (Sindhi: پاڪستان ناول اڪيڊمي‎) also known as Pakistan Naval Station Rahbar (PNS Rahbar)[1] is a federal military academy located in Manora Island, Sindh Province, Pakistan. Established in Manora, under Vice-Admiral Syed Mohammad Ahsan, it is the one of the technologically advanced military training academy in Pakistan that offers professional academic degrees. Its functions and roles is similar to United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, United States. And, it sends her students occasionally to United States Naval Academy for further advanced courses.

Besides training its own officers, the academy has also provided basic training to about 2,000 officers of allied countries, including the Chief of Naval Staff of Qatar Emiri Navy.[2] Its current commandant is Commodore.

Mission of Pakistan Naval Academy

“To impart moral, professional, educational and physical training to the cadets that imbues them with the highest ideals of integrity, duty, courage and honour in order to establish a sound base to become a proficient naval officer.” [1]