List of sieges

15th-century illustration of the siege of a city

A siege is a prolonged military assault and blockade on a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by force or attrition. What follows is a chronological list of sieges.

Military sieges


The Burning of Troy (1759/62), oil painting by Johann Georg Trautmann

Before 5th century BC

5th century BC

4th century BC

3rd century BC

2nd century BC

1st century BC

1st century

Masada fortress

2nd century

4th century

5th century


6th century

7th century

8th century

9th century

Siege of Paris (885-886)

10th century

11th century

Counquest of Jerusalem (1099)

12th century

13th century

Siege of Constantinople (1204)

14th century

Siege of Calais (1346-1347)

15th century

Early modern

15th century

Monks successfully defended the Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra against the Poles from September 1609 to January 1611.
Siege of Granada (1492)

16th century

Attack on Tripoli by the Ottomans (1551)
During the Cologne War (1583–89), Ferdinand of Bavaria successfully besieged the medieval fortress of Godesberg; during a month-long siege, his sappers dug tunnels under the feldspar of the mountain and laid gunpowder and a 1500-pound bomb. The result was a spectacular explosion that sent chunks of the ramparts, the walls, the gates, and drawbridges into the air. His 500 men still could not take the fortress until they scaled the interior latrine system and climbed the mountain to enter through a hole in the chapel roof.
Spanish troops storming the city of Maastricht, 1579

17th century

Castle of Araya sieged by the Dutch fleet in 1622 and 1623
Cardinal Richelieu at the Siege of La Rochelle (1627-1628)
Surrender of Breda to Spinola by Diego Velázquez after the siege.
Batteries at the Siege of Québec (1690).

18th century

Spanish grenadiers pour into Fort George (Pensacola, Florida) (1781)


19th century

Siege of Gdańsk by French forces in 1807
Assault on the walls of Zaragoza by January Suchodolski
American troops landing in Veracruz Mexican-American War
Siege of Kars, 1839
A barricade on Rue Voltaire, after its capture by the regular army during the Bloody Week of Commune of Paris (1871)
American soldiers scale the walls of Beijing to relieve the Siege of the Legations, August 1900

20th century

Bombardment of Castle San Carlos, Venezuela, January 17, 1903
American ships at Veracruz (1914).

21st century

Coalition airstrike in Kobanî on Islamic State position, October 2014
Great Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul in July 2017